Preventing Cavities for Better Oral Health

Today, there are roughly 80-90% of Americans suffering from tooth decay. Tooth decay is characterized by a loss of enamel, which eventually causes painful ailments like cavities, tooth infections, and sometimes gum disease to occur. With so many U.S. residents struggling with some type of cavity or infection, it’s only normal to ask why such a significant number of people have been affected by the same oral health issue. Many Lake Monticello dentists like us believe that these dental problems are often a result of diet, lack of dental maintenance, and lack of understanding about the importance of dental knowledge; so, in today’s blog, we’ll give you some of the best ways you can prevent cavities all together with simple lifestyle changes.

Why Do Cavities Matter?

Cavities are so common; many people underestimate just how significant they are for your oral health. Essentially, a cavity is your body’s way of letting you know that your oral health is declining; at the same time, it is your mouth warning you that treatment is necessary, or a more severe dental problem will begin.

If a cavity is left untreated, it can lead to a number of other oral health issues such as root infections and gingivitis. For this reason, our Lake Monticello VA dentists always encourage our patients to come in as soon as possible if they suspect a cavity.

Fighting Cavities with Small Lifestyle Changes

The best way to start fighting cavities at home is by creating a new dental hygiene routine. Most dentists agree that good oral hygiene includes brushing and flossing twice a day, and some dentists will even recommend a daily mouth wash rinse as well. If you’re not already brushing and flossing twice per day, be sure to start. We also recommend using toothpaste with fluoride, a cavity-fighting additive that is in most toothpastes designed to fight cavities.

Another excellent way to start preventing cavities is by taking a close look at your diet and determining which foods are potentially making your teeth more susceptible to decay. Some foods you should absolutely avoid include candies, soda, and snacks with lots of processed ingredients. In the meantime, try incorporating more calcium into your diet by drinking more milk. Alcohol (at least in larger quantities) should also be avoided, as the sugar and acidity in some drinks can also damage tooth enamel.

Tooth decay has become an incredibly common problem for people all around the U.S. Because cavities are one of the first signs of more severe, underlying issues; if allowed to progress untreated, cavities can progress into gum disease and tooth infections, both of which require much more treatment than even the largest cavities. More than half of Americans now suffer from some degree of tooth decay; as Lake Monticello dentists, we believe that educating our patients about tooth decay while encouraging them to make small lifestyle changes can help our community begin to understand the importance of fighting cavities. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment for a routine cleaning or cavity filling, contact our team of Lake Anna VA dentists today.