Patient Reviews


Everyone is friendly, courteous, and professional — Dr. Williams is up-to-date and conscientious — the office staff arranged an appt for a dental issue that occurred while I was out of town and got me in to see the doctor as soon as we returned — I was in and out of the office within an hour — all good!!!


Joan H.


Dr. Williams and his staff were very friendly and professional. The cleaning, although a bit painful, was done professionally, and my teeth feel very clean. Dr. Williams discussed my upcoming plans for dental work, and they answered all my questions as well.

Connie M.

Dr. Williams,

I am tardy in expressing my thanks for your solving my “jaw clicking” problem.  About two years ago I was plagued with my jaw clicking every time I chewed something.  It did not hurt but was bothersome and I had the feeling that it would work into something uncomfortable or painful.  You suggested a mouthguard which I wore 24 hours a day for the first two weeks and I now wear it only at night.  Your diagnosis was a jaw misalignment and you must be right because I no longer have the clicking sound.  I appreciate your concern, diagnosis, and problem-solving.  It is a relief to no longer be bothered by the worry that something was going wrong with my jaw.

Judith Burroughs


Great first time visit due to an emergency tooth issue. All staff were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Williams was able to explain the issue and help immediately and give me my options for futher treatment without pushing for unnecessary immediate procedures. Will definitely go back.

Gayle C.


Couldn’t have been more pleased with the level of expertise of everyone involved in my treatment. The hygienist was super and the assistant was just terrific as well. The Doctor provided a level of concern and expertise that I hadn’t had living in the DC area for 26 years. Very refreshing and pleasant Will provide referrals for this office to anyone looking for a dentist.

Jim R.


I went there for my regular cleaning. The dental hygienist was very professional, explaining to me what she was doing each step of the way. She was very friendly and a people person. She is a great asset to the business!

Deborah F.


Great service with the newest technology. Crowns made while you wait; no temporaries needed. I am very happy with the level of care received and would recommend Dr. Williams and his staff for all dental care.

Janet S.


I’m in town after losing two family members within three weeks of each other. It’s been a really stressful time, so when I flossed out the filling from between two teeth, I just wanted it taken care of quickly but correctly.

Dr. Williams was out of town at a seminar so his retired business partner, Dr. Myers, took care of me. I’m always nervous seeing a dentist, but especially one I’ve never seen before. The  office staff was so sweet and comforting and I helped a lot.

The dental assistant instantly put me at ease and was extremely friendly and caring. Dr. Myers was fantastic! He didn’t rush it and told me what was going on the whole time. He said my tooth was a strange shape and he had to do some finagling to get the wedges and other thingamabobs placed correctly so the filling wouldn’t come out again. At one point he said, “this is a challenge… And I like a challenge!”

I could instantly tell after we were finished that the filing was in far more severely than it had ever been before. He made sure my bite was perfect, also. I would absolutely see Dr. Myers again. He fills in when Dr. Williams is gone. I’ve heard that Dr. Williams is fantastic, too. I would feel very comfortable visiting this office again no matter which dentist was available.

Sandi M, From Yelp